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Sgt Michael Walker is a Drill Instructor at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego. 

Sgt Michael Walker

Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego Drill Instructor supporting the West Team


What's your impression of the players so far?

They’re very respectful. That shows the kind of background and character that they have. My first impression is that the respect that they gave us was pretty good. Them as a team, you can definitely see that they’re talented and I can see why they were chosen from all across the nation due to the simple fact of their natural God-given talent and their ability to work as a team and the maturity that they bring to give all the Drill Instructors and military personnel respect.


What is the team learning from the Marines?

I think they’re learning a lot. A lot of them have never seen or had any interactions with the military. It’s a different experience for them, a different way to get the foundation mentally. I think it’s just a good experience for them overall to see a different point of view and another perspective from someone who has more experiences in life to kind of give them our take on things.


What are you learning from the players?

I’m learning a lot about the players. It’s helping me better to become a mentor. I do it every day as a Drill Instructor with my recruits, but it’s good to give back to the community by taking these young men and give them some extra things to guide them on the way as they go through college and throughout life. Even if it’s just one that I connect with, that’s good enough for me to make that impact. 


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